Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer- Make Some Jewelry

School is out for summer and keeping the kids entertained on some of these hot summer afternoons can be tricky. Why not invite some of your child’s friends over and make some summer jewelry for everybody?

Bracelets & Necklaces

friendship bracelet, Summer JewelryNecklaces and bracelets are easy to make and will give your child a creative outlet for some stored up energy. If you are making bracelets or necklaces this summer, let your kids choose the materials such as stones and colors themselves. That way, they can create unique pieces that will accentuate their styles. There are plenty of beads, shells and gemstones to choose from. In case, you are running out of ideas, you could have them incorporate birth stones into their jewelry. Birthstones connect your birth month with a rare and unique gemstone. Some believe wearing birthstones brings good luck. Others like the gems for their particular colors. Astrologers have attributed supernatural powers to some gemstones. To find out which birthstone is the right one for your necklace or bracelet click here:

Making a friendship bracelet with beads, for example, gets them closer to their  friends and lets them be creative. Friendship bracelets have evolved over time, what started out as a wristband made of embroidery floss or thread and a type of macrame has become pretty elaborate. Now most friendship bracelets include multi-colored beads, sometimes shells or even gem stones. They can be made with leather or other kind of strings. Usually kids wear more than one friendship bracelet, after all, they have more than just one friend.

Anklets & Barefoot Jewelry

Summer JewelryAnklets and barefoot jewelry are among the hot summer trends this year. They can also be a symbol of friendship and a unique accessory to add to any outfit. In order to make an ankle bracelet, your kids will need string.  Have them measure their ankles where they want their ankle bracelet to sit. Add maybe a couple of inches to have plenty of room to tie the ankle bracelet. Your kids can either make multi colored macrame anklets or incorporate different stones or beads in their angle bracelets.

Foot jewelry, or toe thongs, will make their little feet look beautiful. They can either make simple foot jewelry by using colored beads, or more elaborate pieces using using pearls or even rhinestones. After measuring their feet, they will start out with making a toe loop. Measure the length of beads so they have about 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 inches of beads. Center the beads on the beading thread and hold the ends of the thread together. While holding the two strings together, add beads until you reach the length of the instep. When the instep beading is the length they wish, separate the two strings and start adding beads on both strings. They will need to add enough beads to reach the back of your foot. Only their imagination is the limit.

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