How To Make A Unique Friendship Bracelet

friendship braceletSchool is back in session and that means your kids will bring home new friends after school. Why not get them involved in crafts once all the schoolwork is done?  Making a friendship bracelet with beads, for example, gets them closer to their  new friends and lets them be creative. You would not need much to get started just some strings, leathers, or yarns and some beads in different colors. Your creative child will do the rest.

About Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have evolved over time, what started out as a wristband made of embroidery floss or thread and a type of macrame has become pretty elaborate. Now most friendship bracelets include multi-colored beads, sometimes shells or even gem stones. They can be made with leather or other kind of strings. Usually kids wear more than one friendship bracelet, after all, they have more than just one friend.

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