Fall  & Winter Jewelry Trends

Fall Jewelry TrendsThis season, your jewelry should be bold and oversized. Sparkly and colorful pieces that are making a statement will be a hot Fall & Winter jewelry trend. Out are the dainty barely noticeable pieces from last year.


Grungy pieces with boxy designs as well as chokers and oversized chain-link necklaces are bringing back the spirit of the late 1970s. Another Fall & Winter jewelry trend: punk chokers and non-jewelry objects used as accessories. Show your rebellious side when picking out, or making your own Fall & Winter jewelry.

Huge Pieces

Fall Jewelry TrendsNearly overwhelming pieces studded with colorful gemstones in all kinds of shapes and forms are making a comeback. Earrings tend to be strikingly long, oversized and sometimes are hung with mismatched adornments. Did you make or buy any crystal earrings last year? Hang on to them because this trend appears to be sticking around and might become a huge Fall and Winter jewelry trend. Fringed crystals will be a must-have this holiday season.  Another trend you may want to look into are necklaces that almost look like jeweled bibs. These jeweled necklaces cover the decolletage. These necklaces are perfect for pairing with dresses with low-necklines, although they can also work under a blazer.

DIY Jewelry

Do you like to make your own jewelry? This will be the season for you. Necklaces and earrings can be made of all kinds of objects or materials including paperclips, glass beads, pearls or rhinestone. Even better, all colors seem to be welcome this season. Here are a few more ideas: use colorful rubber bands to make statement bracelets, or give your hoop earrings a new look by twisting colorful leftover yarn around them for a softer texture. Safety pins seem to make a comeback as jewelry as well. As you can see, as long as your jewelry is big, bold and colorful the sky is the limit when it comes to designing and making your own pieces.

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